As a small volunteer organization, the ASB Foundation aims to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people, beginning with the Village of Koutal, where Yaf and her family have had the great fortune to meet and fall in love with these children and their stoical parents. We help the children of lepers by letting them experience the joy that every child in the world should get to experience. The joy of Christmas! We firmly believe that every child deserves to experience joy. Why is this so important? Children are the future of our world. We believe that every time you help a child, whether with good nutrition, healthcare, a comforting smile or an education, you simultaneously help every human being on the planet – we are all connected as one.

Our projects include:

Annual Toy Drive:

We continue this 28 year old tradition of providing a Christmas party for the children and all the villagers where they receive gifts and their families receive donations of food, clothing and financial aid with electricity and water.

Providing educational seminars in the US on:

- The role of women’s education on population levels.
- The impact of poverty on health.
- The history and care of leprosy - the lack of a cure, the effects of the disease and how to help.

Lend us Your Talents and Helping Hands!

We welcome those of you interested in working on-site at Koutal. Our 2011-2012 project is to build the first school for the village – till now they have only had a pre-school. We will help you prepare for your volunteering assignment with our Access Senegal program: - Travel and document support for volunteer teachers, cameramen, journalists, researchers, doctors.
- Travel advice (how to get there, vaccinations needed, personal safety, etc.) for those from all walks of life wishing to visit and volunteer hands-on rather than donating. There

Our Process

Our process at the foundation consists of gathering donations of money, goods (e.g. clothing and food) and distributing these at the annual Christmas Celebration. Throughout the rest of the year we support the villagers with additional supplies of food and medicine whenever possible. Our Foundation receives money through fundraising events in the US and through individual donations. We are now, for the first time, applying for grants and we depend solely on volunteers to carry out our work in the US and Senegal.

Benefits for our Donors:

Donations are tax deductible. We provide you with the ability to get more involved interactively with our project and to choose your preferred way to support the children and villagers. You in turn will receive benefit from a tax deduction for your contribution and have the satisfaction of making a positive difference where it is needed most.
We are grateful to you for considering joining us in making a difference in the lives of these children and in showing them that anything is possible. We are humbled to share with you the example of the strength and inspiration that Amette Saloum Boye has exemplified all these years. We offer you this remarkable opportunity to give back, just as Amette has done, no matter where you find yourself right now in your life. Come join us and experience the sheer magic of putting smiles on the faces of these amazing children and their families!