The Purpose for creating the ASB Foundation


Gratitude and acknowledgement form the roots of this foundation.

 Gratitude: I was born and raised in Senegal and feel extremely grateful for my life. Both my parents believed strongly in education and sacrificed a lot so that they could provide their children with the best education available.


My Mother took on a number of extra teaching positions in addition to her role as a professor to ensure that we were able to attend private schools instead of the regular public schools. My dad also worked multiple jobs to help not just his own family but also his extended African family. After graduating high school I left Senegal and came to the United States. I ended up with a job that I love and felt so blessed. So one day I asked myself how I could start to give back.


The memory of my brothers and sisters and I helping to sort through toys and clothes that were being donated for an annual event my Dad organized suddenly came back to me and I thought to myself: "BINGO!"


At that time I had not heard anything about that toy drive event for years and so, when I asked my Father, he simply responded: “No funds Yaf!” I let him know that I had wonderful friends who I was sure would love to contribute to giving Christmas back to these children… and so our Foundation was born.



I chose the name “ASB Foundation” to honor my Father, Amette Saloum Boye, for all that he has accomplished and everything that he has taught me. 

He taught me unconditional love and how no matter where you are in life, no matter what your social or financial situation, you can always help another if only by words or by lending a supportive ear. 

He taught me the value of relationships and of being sincere and loving. 

He would constantly counsel me:

“Never be afraid to dream big or to ask big and never underestimate your power to help others!”