Our Mission:

The ASB Foundation is a non-governmental, not for profit, international humanitarian organization dedicated to the growth and development of the children of lepers in Koutal, Senegal. Our mission is to bring joy on a daily basis to these children whose lives have been affected by their parentsí disease by providing toys, clothing, education, access to healthcare for the sick and a brighter future for all who live in this village. As Amette is approaching retirement at 72, there is now a more acute need for aid far beyond what he and his network have been able to provide. The regionís problems are further compounded by grave economic hardship and a greater need for the most basic resources of medical care, food, clean water and education. In this connected age in which we live, I am inviting you to take a couple of minutes out of your day to learn about Koutal and to see how you can join our efforts to help these children and their parents live a brighter future.